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Our Services


We have an extensive range of Hydraulic Winches, Air Winches, Man-riders, Winders, Electro/Hydraulic and Diesel/Hydraulic Power Units and all types of Ancillary Equipment which are available for Short Term and Long Term Hire.


Our Manufacturing Services Division is a provider of Heavy Engineering Services to the Mining, Defence, Marine, Infrastructure, Civil and Construction Industries, specialising in Fabrication, Manufacture, Maintenance, Machining, Designing, Commissioning of Winches, Winders, and Ancillary Equipment across multiple disciplines (Mechanical, Structural, Hydraulic, Electrical).


We have a team of highly experienced Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers, and Design Draftsmen.

“ Delivering outstanding program and project services to customers through the engagement of highly skilled professionals.“

Hire Services

Our Hire Services Division is a provider for one of Australia’s largest fleets of Winching Equipment and Accessories. We carry out the Hire, Servicing & Maintenance, and Commissioning of Winches, Winders and Ancillary Equipment.

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1. Hydraulic Winches
2. Air Winches
3. Hydraulic Power Units
4. Reelers
5. Headframes
6. Shafting Sinking Equipment
7. Mooring Equipment, etc

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