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Manufacturing Services

The Manufacturing Services Division is a provider of Heavy Engineering Services to the mining, marine and construction industries, specialising in the design, manufacture and commissioning of winch, winder, and ancillary equipment across multiple disciplines (Mechanical, Structural, Hydraulic, Electrical).

We are committed to being an industry leader in the supply of quality reliable equipment. Our strong and proven reputation in the industry, as quality manufacturers of winch and winder equipment, is underpinned by our skilled tradespersons, technicians and engineers working closely together to ensure that all client requirements are consistently delivered according to customer specification and requirements.

The Manufacturing Services Division stocks an extensive supply of spare components and assemblies providing an efficient manufacture timeframe for its customers.

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  • Heavy Equipment Manufacture
  • Fabrication (including sub-arc)
  • Fitting & Machining (large machine capacity)
  • Surface Treatment (Blasting, Painting and Galvanising)
  • Structure Treatment (Stress Relieving and Normalising)
  • Equipment Overhauls and rebuilds
  • Equipment modification and commissioning

AWH maintains a quality management system that is aligned to the requirements of the Australian and New Zealand Quality Management Systems standard (AS/NZS ISO 9001:2015). This standard supports the engineering, design, manufacture and commissioning off all equipment, including the internal function of the organisation enabling the manufactured equipment to be fully certified to industry standards.

AWH’s Quality Management System is managed and maintained to ensure robust and reliable systems and processes are implemented in the manufacture of equipment and that they are aligned with AWH’s Quality Policy. The policy commits to:

  • Setting quality standards through the establishment of key result areas, key performance indicators, and critical success factors, and monitoring performance against those standards
  • Delivering outstanding program and project services to customers through the engagement of highly skilled professionals
  • Applying robust management processes that are standardised, effectively implemented and maintained across the organisation and are consistent, achieving desired quality outcomes
  • Promoting customer satisfaction and continuous improvement
  • Providing professional development training to employees

Workshop Facility Equipment

Site Services

The Site Services Division provides our customers with an end-to-end project solution for the management, design & engineering, build, installation and commissioning at all types of mining, marine and construction project sites with an excellent record for Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental management.

Working closely to meet the client’s full project requisite, AWH uses its expertise, extensive product range and skills to provide an end-to-end project solution. Our comprehensive workshop facility, including one of Australia’s largest winch hire fleets and an extensive range of mobile site plant, provides AWH with a unique advantage over it competitors. By leveraging our “in house” Heavy Engineering capability we can manage and control three key factors quality, delivery and cost.

This was a strategic move for AWH as it enables us to program with confidence, without the need to rely on third parties to meet our targets. This has been a proven asset for our customers who require projects to be delivered with short lead times.

AWH has a proven track record in HIGH QUALITY, ON TIME, ON BUDGET project solutions.

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Hire Services

Our Hire Services Division is a provider for one of Australia’s largest fleets of winching equipment and accessories. We carry out the hire, servicing & maintenance, and commissioning of winches, winders and ancillary equipment.

All equipment is manufactured, serviced and maintained in our Workshop facility according to our quality management system standards and is supplied to our customers fully certified and conforming to all relative industry standards. Our fleet comprises an extensive range of hydraulic and air winches, man-riders, winders, Electro/ Hydraulic and Diesel/ Hydraulic Power units and all types of ancillary equipment which are available for both short and long term hire and includes equipment which has been designed to operate in hazardous environments.

Engineering Services

Our Engineering Services Division provides services of highly experienced and motivated Mechanical Engineers, Electrical Engineers and Design Draftsmen who have the advantage of many years of practical application and testing of their skills.

Many of our designs are manufactured in our own workshop, this experience ensures our ethos of providing true “end-to-end” quality solutions.